Community Planning


New legislation has been implemented to ensure that decision making about local services is more open, accessible and are to be provided in ways which meet the needs of local people. They must also link together so that different services are "joined-up" to guarantee better and more efficient services. 

The CVS Network is committed to representing the interests of the voluntary sector at partnership, implementation and thematic levels of Community Planning Partnerships. Their knowledge also enables them to facilitate local participation in the Community Planning process and provides a practical and tested vehicle for encouraging voluntary sector organisations to get involved in and influence the future of their communities. Each area is organised differently and so if you want to know what is happening in your area you should contact your local CVS Information can also be accessed from many local government sites, for further details please visit the CoSLA website.

At local level, the Arran CVS is a member of the North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership.  For more details contact  Jim Nichols on  01770 600611  or   e.mail: